Canada Masq Q100 XS (Extra Small) Healthcare CSA Certified Earloop Respirator - Made in Canada

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Front view of Canada Masq Q100 CSA Certified healthcare surgical respirator face mask with earloops size XS extra small for kids children

Canada Masq Q100 XS (Extra Small) Healthcare CSA Certified Earloop Respirator - Made in Canada

10 Masks (bag of 10)

26 French Unit B

Pickup available, usually ready in 30 mins. pickup hours: mon-fri 8:00am-3:30pm excluding on stat holidays.

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A Healthcare Respirator that's More Convenient than N95

The first CSA-Certified healthcare respirator with earloops

All-Day Comfort

Fight mask fatigue with up to 4x less breathing resistance than NIOSH N95.

The Q100 respirator features the same materials and breathability as BreatheTeq KN95. The only difference is in the size XS: the Q100 XS uses a thicker adult earloop for a firmer fit, whereas the BreatheTeq XS uses a thinner earloop for comfort.

The Q100 is CSA Certified and marked for healthcare usage. Available only in white.

Available in sizes XS, S, M, L. Click here for Sizing Kit

Made in Canada by Canada Masq, this flat fold respirator face mask is engineered for excellent comfort, fit, and the highest breathability.

  • For healthcare, dental, and general purpose use
  • Low-profile design doesn't interfere with vision during dental cleanings, healthcare procedures, etc.
  • CSA-Certified ≥95% PFE Surgical Respirator for healthcare, including airborne particulate and bodily fluids protection (CSA Z94.4.1:21 CA-N95F-100Pa)
  • Earloops: easier and quicker to don/doff in a healthcare environment vs N95 headbands
  • Staff and patient protection: the only CSA certified respirator with sizes ranging from young children to large adults
  • Fluids rated: CSA "F" rated to 160 mm Hg (same level as ASTM F2100 Level 3 & NIOSH Surgical N95)
  • Fit testable: 4 sizes available to ensure optimum fit for a wide range of face shapes and sizes. 21 out of 25 (84%) faces tested on Q100 by CSA passed fit test (FF >100)
  • Less leakage: Better fitting with less air leakage than medical procedural masks, for better airborne droplet protection
  • Talk easier: 3D shape keeps the mask away from the mouth, making talking easier than with procedural masks
  • Maximum breathability: very low inhalation and exhalation resistance to reduce ‘Mask Fatigue’ or the physical and mental discomfort experienced by healthcare workers who wear respirators for prolonged periods of time
  • Premium moldable aluminum nose piece helps achieve a tighter seal with reduced leakage around the nose and fogging of glasses

Keep your staff healthy with CSA certified Q100 CA-N95F respirators

  • CSA Certified CA-N95F respirators have a higher level of filtration efficiency and a better fit than cloth masks and procedural/surgical masks, filtering out 95% of airborne particles.
  • CSA-Certified CA-N95F respirators are designed to create a tight seal around the nose and mouth, providing a secure barrier against harmful airborne particles and droplets
  • CSA-Certified CA-N95F respirators are made of several layers of advanced filter material that captures small particles, including viruses and bacteria floating in bioaerosols, preventing them from passing through the mask. Cloth masks and procedural masks do not provide the same level of protection as they are not designed to create a seal and do not have the same particulate filtration efficiency.
  • CSA-Certified CA-N95F respirators are tested and certified to meet the strict standard Z94.4.1:21 set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which is designed to be more stringent and more breathable than the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH N95 standard.
  • CSA-Certified CA-N95F respirators are recommended by health authorities for use in high-risk situations, such as healthcare settings, pandemic preparation, or areas with high levels of air pollution.
  • CSA-Certified CA-N95F respirators are a critical component in protecting against respiratory illnesses, such as flu and COVID-19.

Mask Fatigue Is Real – Protect your healthcare staff

  • Mask fatigue is a term used to describe exhaustion from prolonged mask wearing
  • Healthcare and other workers are often required to wear masks for extended periods
  • Constant mask wearing can cause discomfort, including headaches and difficulty breathing
  • Mask fatigue can lead to decreased compliance with mask-wearing guidelines, which can have serious consequences for healthcare workers and patients
  • Mask fatigue can result in physical and psychological effects, including burnout and decreased job satisfaction
  • Addressing mask fatigue and providing support to healthcare workers is essential to prevent negative impacts on their health and the quality of care they provide

More Details

  • Model name: Q100 CA-N95F-100Pa
  • Datasheet
  • CSA vs NIOSH N95 comparison
  • CSA Certificate
  • CSA Test Report
  • Graphene-free, latex-free
  • Manufactured in Ontario, Canada by Canada Masq in a Health Canada licensed facility.
  • Dispose after 8 hours of accumulated use (e.g. one 8-hour school day, or eight 1-hour trips to the store)
  • Fit must be checked for adequate seal against the face. If respirator does not seal, discontinue use. 
  • Canada Strong Masks is an authorized retailer and distributor for Canada Masq

Achieving the highest possible filtration requires minimizing air leakage:

  • Ensure the mask nose bridge is formed tightly against the nose by pushing inwards firmly with fingers from both hands. 
  • Ensure the ear loops are snug for a tight seal between the mask and face, especially around the nose. If not snug, change to a smaller size.
  • Ask a colleague to look for any visible gaps around the perimeter of the mask
  • Inhale sharply, feeling for any cool air leakage around the perimeter of the mask
  • Do a qualitative or quantitative fit test if your employer or jurisdiction requires.
  • Each time when donning the mask and periodically while wearing, check for air leakage. Readjust as necessary.
  • If air leakage persists, discontinue use and seek a better-fitting respirator mask.

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